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Mon bio gourmand

Pears of the Rhône, corsican lemons with character, apricots from Occitania…Mon Bio Gourmand by Andros group cultivates the best of organic products by local producers, that have no compromise on taste nor ingredients. We take you on board for an immersive live experience that is narrative, visual and acoustic at the same time ... Mmmh, let's go!

Live from the producers of taste

Yoghurt, ice cream, compote, jam ... behind each Mon Bio Gourmand recipe lies a story of committed and passionate organic ingredients and growers. Through IGTVs and sensory brand content, we dive into the daily life of these “producers of taste”. Here the bumblebees forage on strawberry flowers, there rhubarb is harvested with a confident hand, further south, the sun's rays play in the fruit trees. A lively, vibrant and delicious production.

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Live from the producers of taste
Live from the producers of taste

Listen, see, smell ... Discover good-gluttony in every sense and every way!

Organic with no compromise

A true, honest and uncompromising brand, Mon Bio Gourmand is committed to offering a community of good gourmets, desserts that reconnect us to true products. By celebrating nature and the work of producers, it reveals, with a lot of poetry, the backstage of organic products.