Pop Culture


Cult brand, iconic umbrella brands, and a love story between Haribo & Shortlinks brought the brand into the 21st century! Revisited identity, new architecture and mentions of responsible pleasure, all for GenZ to love it so!

Yummy factory

Tagada, Dragibus, Croco, Pik, Chamallow choco… brand narrative designers feast to seduce kids and make the older ones fall back into childhood. Each candy reveals a universe, a story, supported by catchy names, yummy colors, friendly mascots and original food shapes.

Sweet activation

What would Christmas or Halloween be without candy? Each year, we design 360° big ideas to highlight these festive seasons and enhance the Haribo experience on all touch points.


Responsible pleasure

From ecodesign to moderating the daily dose of candy, each pack is an opportunity for the brand to reassure consumers about the origin of its ingredients and natural colorings.