Rebel with a cause


For flexitarians who cannot do without meat, here is ACCRO! Far from yet another tasteless vegetable pancake, our “meat analog” brand is bold and has the good taste of optimism. Because here, we believe that without joie de vivre, we cannot succeed in the food transition. Pleasure, for the planet!

Branding full of taste

A sharp platform, a biting name, a sliced ​​black & pink color branding, a knife-sharpened logo cut and a powerful signature… with ACCRO, plants radiate the same energy as meat. An alternative committed posture for those looking for quality “meat analog”.

For life lovers

With its iconoclastic identity and committed promise, ACCRO may not appeal to everyone, but you can't change the future without showing your fangs a little! Here we are campaigning for the planet friendly food transition!