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Shortlinks 83, rue de Monceau - 75008 Paris SARL with capital of 10,000 euros - RCS Paris 488 575 572 Tel: 01 53 42 90 00 COPYRIGHT © 2017 Shortlinks / Locomotive - All trade marks registered. All rights reserved

This website was created and developed by Locomotive.
The source code is the shared property of Locomotive and Shortlinks. Any use, copy, modification of the source code without the prior consent of these parties is prohibited.

This site is hosted by the company Écritel

With the will to maintain the seriousness and the quality of the services it provides for its clients or future clients, the Shortlinks Agency recalls that the consultation and / or use of the site implies acceptance and compliance with the conditions mentioned below as well as the laws applicable in France with regard to communication on the Internet.



The terms “Agency” or “ Shortlinks Agency ” or “ Shortlinks ” define all the French or foreign subsidiaries that are part of the Team Créatif Group.
All the brands mentioned on the site and in particular : the names, logos, figurative marks, product names and / or services which are cited or reproduced on the site, are the exclusive property of the advertisers, clients of the Shortlinks Agency. As such, the user may in no case use - even partially - reproduce or represent these brands, without the prior written consent of the owners of the brands mentioned. In the absence of a prior written agreement by the owners of the quoted brands, the exploitation and / or use of said brands is strictly prohibited for any reason whatsoever.
The “ Shortlinks ” brand is a registered trademark owned by Shortlinks. In the absence of a prior written agreement from the Agency, the use and / or use of the "Shortlinks" brand is strictly prohibited for any reason whatsoever.



The aim of the site is to present the Agency's vision, the services it offers and the latest creations that it has developed for its clients. The searchable information elements can take the following forms :
- texts in the form of PDF, Flash, PowerPoint, Excel, Word presentations…
- photographs, illustrations, graphics, images in all its forms…
- films, soundtracks…
- documents “ zipped ”…
hereinafter referred to as the Documents (this list is not exhaustive). In any event, it is recalled that:
- the Documents and more generally the content of the site can only be viewed,
- the Documents and more generally the content of the site are not contractual.
Certain features of the site require the use of the following software:
- Adobe Flash
- Vimeo
- YouTube

The Shortlinks Agency does not guarantee the accuracy of the information it puts online on its site although it does its utmost to achieve this. As such, the Agency is in no way responsible for any damage or loss that anyone may suffer after consulting this information and reserves the right to modify, at any time, all or part of the site Any modification will come into force as of its posting on the aforementioned site. The user will be assumed to have accepted this modification for the remainder of his consultation. Shortlinks declines all responsibility for the difficulties encountered when accessing its site or for any communication failure. The Agency does not guarantee that the server hosting the site is virus-free or that a technical problem may arise, damaging the components or data stored in the user's computer.



In accordance with national and international laws governing copyright and intellectual property (or other similar rights), the exploitation, use, reproduction, distribution, commercialization, extraction or modification of all or part of the elements found on the site is strictly prohibited. The Shortlinks Agency does not transfer any intellectual property rights to the Documents and more generally to the content of the site, whatever its form.

In accordance with the rules of "Good use" mentioned above, consultation of the Documents cannot be interpreted as a transfer, even partial or temporary, of the rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation of all or part of the texts, presentations. methodological or visual or graphic elements composing the site The operating conditions attached to the Documents and more generally to the content of the site are as follows: RESERVED RIGHTS - TEXTS, VISUAL, GRAPHIC OR SOUND ELEMENTS ONLY CONSULTABLE ON THE Shortlinks WEBSITE and the Shortlinks social networks. REPRODUCTION AND / OR DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED.

In the event of authorization of reproduction and / or distribution exceptionally granted by the Shortlinks Agency in support of a prior written agreement, the following notice must be mentioned: COPYRIGHT © 2017 Shortlinks. All trade marks registered. All rights reserved.

The user is authorized and invited to share certain contents of the site, in particular the case files of the WORK part, the articles of the BLOG and any other element of the site presenting the “ sharing ” functionality can be shared by the user on his social networks at advisory title. Shortlinks accepts no responsibility for the use made by the user of this “ sharing ” feature.



The models, performers and, more generally all persons, represented in the photos and films published on the site have consented to the use of their image as part of the services provided for clients. from the Shortlinks Agency.

The employees and managers of the Agency whose image is used on the site have consented to the use of these iconographic documents within the framework of the said site and only within this framework. In the absence of a prior written agreement granted by the clients and / or the Shortlinks Agency, the use of the image of the aforementioned persons is therefore strictly prohibited for any reason whatsoever.



The configuration of the site leaves the possibility for the Shortlinks Agency to retrieve information relating to the users of the site: the objective is to know you better, understand you and respond to your requests. expectations and needs. If you accept it, we may regularly send you new information / sections which may be of interest to you. If you do not want this data to be collected, you can configure your browser to reject any installation of files ("cookies") allowing us to obtain them. Shortlinks undertakes to maintain strict confidentiality on this information which may under no circumstances be the subject of resale and / or communication to third parties. You can of course leave no information, preventing us from contacting you. The Shortlinks Agency recalls that, in accordance with the Data Protection Act n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the user has, at any time, the right to access, rectify or delete data concerning him.

In this case, the user must send an e-mail to the following address:  


Setting up a hypertext link to the site requires prior written authorization from the Shortlinks Agency. If you wish to set up a hypertext link to our site, you must therefore contact the Communication Manager of our site. The hypertext links implemented by Shortlinks to other sites can not engage the responsibility of Team Créatif Group, which declares that it has no control over the content of these sites and does not provide any guarantee concerning the accuracy and completeness of the information. of any kind provided on these sites. Shortlinks could not, therefore, be held responsible for the content of these sites or for the use of information provided on this site.



The site allows you to share most of the Documents posted on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). To share a Document, you must click on a share button or an icon representing the social network and preceded by the words "Share". Clicking on this type of button takes you to the selected social network and invites you, if you are not already connected to this network, to connect (with your username and password) or to register. 

Shortlinks is not responsible for actions performed by the user on the site of the social network. In case of doubt, problem, complaint or questions, the user should contact the social network. During this connection to the social network, the server hosting the social network's website may place cookies on the visitor's computer containing their identifier and other information that the social network may need to use during future connections. The information collected on the Internet user by the social network following his connection, in particular the pages he has visited on the site or on other sites with sharing buttons, can be used by the network. social in order to collect statistical information, publish targeted advertising on the Internet user's computer, etc. This information is not accessible by Shortlinks .

For more information, please refer to the Conditions of use of the social network, in particular the rules concerning privacy. Shortlinks does not have access to the information exchanged with the social network and is not responsible for interactions between our site and the social network, in particular any content (description, invitations to visit Shortlinks , etc.) added by the Internet user. on the social network. The Internet user must in no case place comments that could be detrimental to the social network or to Shortlinks (see our conditions of use and the conditions of use of the social network).



These conditions of use of the site are subject, both for their interpretation and for their execution, to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.